The mission of USA Legal Docs is to help every American obtain access to the vast amount of free and affordable legal information, products and services that are available nationwide, which most people need, yet find difficult to obtain due to the fear of high cost and/or lack of knowledge.

Our Legal Plan Members can be matched with attorneys nationwide and receive free legal consultations, for any legal matter, at any time. They also have access to a vast amount of free legal documents, information, products and services, for almost any legal issue. With access to all of our Legal Plan resources, our members can gain a clear understanding of where they stand legally and make an informed decision on how best to proceed in resolving their legal matter. 

Whether it’s matching a Legal Plan Member with an attorney for a free consultation or assisting them with locating free legal documents that can be completed for free, without an attorney, we are here to help.

Our Members gain peace of mind, knowing that they are members of one of the most respected Legal Plans in the United States.

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